How can I read the information from match items?

We have 6 coefficients displayed on each match: 3 for each team. These are some numbers we assign to each team based on its most recent results.

Important! This coefficient takes in consideration the form of a team either at home or away. If you want to also see the overall form you have access to that on the individual match page.

The lowest score a team can have is 0 while the highest is 5. As a rule of thumb, you want to look for green or red when picking a match.

If the teams have yellow-orange colors, it means that it is probably difficult to predict

Another important element is the number of matches taken into consideration when building the stats. Stay away from teams with less than 3-4 matches played as there is no sufficient data yet to make the score relevant.

How does bets finder work?

Basically the bets finder helps you find upcoming matches based on some criterias that you can define.

You can add multiple rules and these will be combined when looking for matches to bet on.

The example below is looking for upcoming matches where:

  • Home team has a winning rate at home of over 75%
  • Away team has a losing rate when playing away of 50% or more